Joy Fahey has come back from the brink twice, she made and lost two million pound fortunes, lost a child, went through a divorce and suffered physical abuse.

Her book ‘7 Steps To Awaken Your Amazing Self’ will give you 7 simple steps of how she fought her way back and shares how you too can awaken hidden secrets of your amazing potential you never thought you had. If you are feeling stuck and anxious and are struggling with your life, your relationships or your work Joy Fahey gives you the tools you need to turn your life around.

Taken from her own experience and struggle she shows how, by taking a new approach to your thoughts and beliefs you can begin a new adventure, to discover who you really are, and to move towards a happy and successful life.

‘7 Steps To Awaken Your Amazing Self’ is a powerful in-depth and insightful book which takes you by the hand and leads you step by step to understanding the truth and beauty of recognising the magnificence of being you.

Book Details

Book Name 7 Steps To Awaken Your Amazing Self
Author Joy Fahey
Print Book ISBN
Genre Self Help
Copyright 2013

About The Author

Joy Fahey was born in Manchester. Her father was an eminent psychiatrist and her mother a psychotherapist who headed up a large mental hospital in Manchester. As Joy says ‘she was spoon fed on Freud and Jung’! Teaching and helping people is in her genes. After studying all forms of dance and art she worked in theatre and films and taught dance for many years. Pursuing her love of art she went on to study art in Manchester.

Her interest in personal development underpins all her work and after her divorce she began a new career in business which involved helping women set up home based businesses and sales training. This bought her to being nominated for European Women of the Year.

Moving to Spain in 2000 she started her writing, running workshops and coaching as well as teaching art. She’s now working as an Independent Consultant and Coach, holding workshops and writing books and courses on her vast experiences of dealing with life issues.

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